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Innovation as a driver of true change.
We look to the future with ambition, strengthened by experience that guides us every day. We have solid roots and a unique perspective. In nearly 40 years, we've developed qualified competencies in IT, marketing and communications, optimising our standing as consultants and our services thanks to a wide range of reliable, successful end-to-end solutions. We truly understand digital innovation, and what it means as a frontier. We study its languages, turning them into new opportunities.
Our mission is to support businesses along their digital transformation journey, establishing the guidelines for change that are best for each client, leading to concrete, long-lasting results thanks to an approach that generates rapid corporate growth while remaining flexible. Optimising the organisation and productive culture of enterprises is the most effective way to improve and grow Sysdata itself.


Individual talent leads to high-quality professional result.
Success Skippers

Our goal is to ensure the success of our clients.

We provide support along their routes of evolution and innovation, investing our resources, know-how and passion in the creation of long-lasting partnerships based on mutual trust. This enhances our skills and maximises opportunities for success.


Value Creation

We work passionately with excellence as our goal.

We promote and create value for our clients, our company and our community. We analyse what already exists to invent something new. We grow with you, facing the challenges of the future while thinking about the long-term.


Positive Attitude

We’re passionate about change and getting results.

We inspire initiative and reward proactivity and enterprise. We motivate those around us to think about objectives, leading by example as we guide them in embracing challenges as new opportunities.


Skills to succeed

We’re inventing the work of the future.

We develop the skills necessary for success in the digital economy. We stimulate curiosity and creativity. We participate in interesting projects with frontier technology. We pursue innovation. We experiment with new programs, software and hardware.


One Community

We are all unique and important.

Our experts know how to smile, work hard and create a space where each of us can contribute. We believe in a world where diversity is a type of wealth and collaboration is a ‘must-have’ for success. We reward integrity, honesty, transparency and respect. We make sure that our consultants have the right work-life balance.



An expanding group, in numbers.

With almost 300 employees distributed between four offices located in Bologna, Milan, Mestre and Turin, and with a consolidated revenue of more than €18 million, the Sysdata Group is one of Italy's most important independent private companies in the Information Technology field.




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Information updated as of December 31, 2020


A past that ensures we always look towards the future.
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Sysdata was established in Bologna with a focus of serving large corporations on complex IT implementation projects. The company quickly developed its footprint nationwide in this new industry.


Sysdata joined Datamat Group, at the time the leading domestic player in IT consulting services. It soon became one of its key pillars in the northern part of the country due to Sysdata important clients in the Finance and Telecom industry.


Datamat Group kept growing and went public on Milan Stock Exchange. Sysdata being one of its main subsidiaries, went to the process of presenting a plan to the market and delivering its targets.


Following the market turmoil of 2001, and before Datamat’s own delisting, Sysdata management team performed an MBO and took Sysdata private again. Sysdata pursued thereafter a new path as an independent private company with a significant portfolio of clients and experiences.


Leveraging the strength of its own business, Sysdata performed two acquisitions to further boost growth and diversification. Sysdata bought control of BitMedia S.p.A., well known operator in the Central Public Authority sector in Rome. Sysdata also bought Aresoft S.r.l. a boutique player with a strong expertise on Oracle ERP solutions.


Sysdata began it process o reshaping its client service model, creating multiclient factories with strong and profound tech and project governance expertise. Such factories delivered turnkey projects first on Digital and Mobile areas.


The new delivery model that began with digital and mobile project, broadened to other areas. Sysdata developed further its skill of Functional Analysis and Project Management across all its service lines, clients and offices. Sysdata also disposed its interest in BitMedia to focus on the private sector.


Significant track record and renowned flawless delivery drove rapid growth and furthermore strengthened Sysdata market positioning. The Digital Factory expertise broadened with a significant investment in Market Technology practice that succeeded in winning new high profile clients.


Sysdata turns 40 years old. Many things have changed over time, the competitive environment, the client service model, and the technologies. Core value are the same though, as well as the drive to build a long-lasting relationship of trust with clients. We still serve several blue chip corporates, most of which we have worked with for decades.


In a boundless market, every industry offers infinite opportunities for change.


A high-tech heart, digital soul and a mind for entrepreneurial evolution.

Integrated products by Sysdata are supported by two independent yet complementary business units, which provide specialised expertise and a complete suite of solutions and services in relation to information and communication technology.

  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Consulting
  • System Integration
  • Application Maintenace


  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Technology & Analysis
  • Mobile Development





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