Online solutions for security and coverage.

Cliente: UnipolSai
Industry: Insurance
Progetto: Web & Mobile App

UnipolSai is a world leader in online insurance and, through its exclusive collaboration with AlfaEvolution Technology, it provides value-added services for vehicles, homes, wellness and health.


Synergy for hi-tech excellence.

Connected insurance opens doors to new opportunities and offers specific benefits based on virtuous behaviour. The use of sensors and online technology to collect and process data can improve the quality of the services offered. All online solutions for UnipolSai were developed in collaboration with AlfaEvolution Technology, which guarantees innovative services for coverage, security and immediate assistance. The result is a wide range of products with high technological standards that can be applied to the insurance industry for cars, motorcycles, homes, family health and wellness, and business.

Challenge Key Point

  • A strategic research and development area, to update products, services, methods and procedures.
  • Proprietary solutions, to improve the qualitative standards of the technology used.
  • A software roadmap, to ensure the continuity of solutions developed for UnipolSai clients.


An integrated data model for information management.

Sysdata took care of the technological development of the front and back end, creating the web app and native app for smartphones (both iOS and Android). Armed with experience gained in the management of IoT stacks, we adopted an integrated data management approach to check policy-related information and trace the data recovered from black boxes installed in cars (travel time, speed limits, location, alerts).

  • Backend Development

    System Integration, Data Modeling

  • Interface Design

    Planning, UX design, UI design

  • Mobile Development

    Native app development on iOS and Android platforms


Arca Motor Box has everything under control.

With the Arca Motor Box app, instant access can be gained to a large quantity of information about the motor vehicle on which the satellite device was installed, relating to speed limits, speed, car parks, ignition, movement, impact, travel times, alternative routes and safety. A number of services can be activated once logged in. Speed limit: set the speed limit and generate a notification when it's exceeded. Car finder: remember where the car was parked and generate a notification with the position/address of the vehicle. Target area: define a geographical region and generate a notification each time the vehicle leaves the indicated area. Ignition alert: detects when the car is powered on and generates a notification. Movement alert: detects when the car is moved with the motor off and sends a notification. Trip info: via a voice-enabled device, an operator provides useful information for the next destination, indicating drive times, traffic and alternative routes. Online bodyguard: through a voice-operated device, an operator will locate the vehicle, call the mobile and provide assistance during the journey, for example, from the car park to home.