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Cliente: Samsung Italia
Industry: Electronics
Progetto: Campaign Management

Samsung Electronics Italia S.p.A. is part of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leader in the electronics industry with over 300,000 employees in over 80 countries around the world. Present in Italy since 1991, Samsung's head offices are in the Samsung District in Milan.


Impeccable B2B communications.

Sysdata provides Samsung Italia with specialised consulting services for its activities aimed at retailers that sell only products from Samsung and its affiliates. We also provide support for Samsung Italia Marketing campaigns with the creation of custom content (Landing Pages, DEM, Emails, Newsletters) and the management of existing B2B structures.

With expertise in the creation of targeted strategies and the end-to-end execution of individual campaigns, the segmentation of target markets, and the integration with various touchpoints, the goal is to promote Samsung products and services, generating engagement and high-quality leads.

Challenge Key Point

  • Customer Experience, for integrated management of the brand's product lines and Marketing channels.
  • Design Strategy, for the creation of custom content tailored to each sales network cluster.
  • Monitoring & Learning, with the production of benchmarks and analytics reports on the results.


Oracle Eloqua, for a sophisticated Automated Marketing strategy.

The Sysdata team boasts in-depth expertise with Oracle Eloqua. The leading platform in Marketing Automation for B2B services is ideal in the management of cross-channel communications, the creation and delivery of profiled content, social Marketing, database updates and synchronisation with the company CRM, all in a single suite. The conversion assessment system measures the efficacy and the engagement generated, while the analytics dashboard generates detailed reports and complete industry benchmarks.

  • Campaign Execution

    UI Design, Content Curation, Delivery Services

  • Data Orchestration

    Targeting, Lead Generation, Measurement

  • Marketing Automation

    Customer Journey, Channel Strategy, CRM


Spreading the news. Aiming at the right target user.

Sysdata supports the Marketing activities of Samsung Italia thanks to a consultancy and operational model that includes the Management of the entire campaign cycle, from the definition of requirements to the design of digital content, from the testing phase to final delivery. The objective is Customer Acquisition, offering a customised experience to reach the audience in the most suitable way and thereby maximise the results.

The production of Landing Pages, DEM, Emails and Newsletters to update retailers on news about the brand’s products is significant. The focused generation of insights for Marketing managers is a must-have. Finally, the settings of the delivery tools – which ensure the constant verification of the processes and about 95% compatibility with the world's most popular devices and email clients – are entirely reliable.

In 2020, Sysdata managed on average 7 campaigns per month relative to the 3 product lines (Mobile, Display and Air Conditioning), reaching B2B clients in 15 different industries. The most important Digital Campaign was for the launch of the Galaxy S20, a new flagship product in the Samsung range. Communications regarding Marketing initiatives and the development of the digital platform led to a significant organic expansion of the Contact Database and to the qualitative improvement of the Customer Base.