Retail distribution channel management.

Cliente: OVS
Industry: Retail
Progetto: Platform Engineering

OVS S.p.A. is a leading retailer in Italy for men’s, women's and children’s clothing. With its head offices in Mestre (Venice), it has about 7,000 employees and, through the OVS and UPIM brands, it can boast over 1,600 shops in Italy and abroad.


Vision and control over the stores.

OVS operates according to a business model typical of vertically integrated retailers, through a national and international sales network, and with sales points that are administered in various ways. For the international side of OVS, the main goal was to have a complete database of stores and the people who work in them, synchronised by a system that extends process digitization and allows for document distribution, providing guidelines and receiving feedback through a two-way feed.

Challenge Key Point

  • Structured governance and full control over the distribution system internationally.
  • Improvement of business models and updated sales procedures.
  • Adoption of enterprise tools to manage databases, calendars and approval workflows.


Experience in distribution management and process governance.

Sysdata's DCMS (Distributed Channel Management System) is the ideal Back Office platform to organise sales networks in an automated and collaborative manner. Applied to retail, it made it possible to build a practical, scalable and configurable system. Sysdata also provided systems integration support and took care of the front end and back end development, overseeing each phase of the project thanks to its senior project managers and work force automation expertise.

  • Full Stack Development


A new integrated, multi-functional management platform.

Sysdata’s Distributed Channel Management System can be adapted according to a logistical reorganisation or reformulation of the business rules often found in the retail industry. It provides both a model and foundation for the implementation of a centralised system for managing databases for distribution channels, processes and events linked to the sales network. More specifically, the DCMS regulated three distinctive project streams: the New Opening Process, Sales Calendar and Live Drive. Through their development, we mapped and monitored all the OVS stores and their employees, gaining an overview and chronology of their daily activities across the board. Last but not least, we implemented document dematerialisation, going from paper-based procedures to structured, collaborative digital processes. This allows all stakeholders to remain connected and share information, while perfectly coordinating production and sales activities.