A new database for the sales force.

Cliente: Generali Italia
Industry: Insurance
Progetto: Business Intelligence

Generali Italia S.p.A. is part of the Generali Group, a leader in the insurance and finance industries around the world. The Trieste-based company is the largest insurance provider in Italy, with over 18,000 employees and 2,300 agents forming the most complex distribution network in the nation.


A better organisational framework.

Following the merger that led to the creation of Generali Italia, one of the management's priorities was to converge all of its data into a centralised, integrated digital system with special attention to the streamlining of data flows connected to the sales network.   The company's IT department relied on Sysdata's in-depth knowledge and knack for innovation to develop an efficient data management system that can streamline management processes for commercial policies and those related to planning and monitoring the sales force.

Challenge Key Point

  • Business intelligence, to optimise operational models and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Data governance, to manage information and automate organisational procedures.
  • Sales force management, to improve planning and performance.


Consultancy services and comprehensive support when developing systems.

Sysdata was there for the client every step of the way, providing strategic advice to identify its needs, collect requirements and complete a feasibility study. We used our technological and managerial skill set to plan, develop, validate, produce and maintain the data system. All while considering the modular and performance-based aspects of potential future evolutions, to better meet the needs of the business.

  • Backend Development

    Financial Services Systems Technology Stack

  • Service architecture

    Software Selection, Implementation

  • System integration

    Legacy and external systems


The ideal database to generate business.

The Business Intelligence solutions developed through the creation of custom models provided advanced tools for monitoring and planning activities, while helping to significantly increase operational efficiency and expedite decision-making processes. Drawing on solid work force automation know-how, Sysdata configured an innovative digital ecosystem to simplify business workflows, enhance the practicality of services and boost performance overall. Most importantly, the system creates new ways to interact with the sales force. Thanks to Sysdata’s contribution, Generali Italia is now heading down the road towards a full digital transformation. Today it can count on a centralised, modular database to provide flexibility and support to the commercial management team and Generali's network of agents, receiving data and providing services to all the firm's industrial systems.