A well-structured, secure migration.

Cliente: Generali Italia
Industry: Insurance
Progetto: System Integration

Generali Italia S.p.A. is part of the Generali Group, a leader in the insurance and finance industries around the world. The Trieste-based company is the largest insurance provider in Italy, with over 18,000 employees and 2,300 agents forming the most complex distribution network in the nation.


System unification and convergence.

The merger that led to the creation of Generali Italia created a problem: the need to centralise and pool the databases and software used to manage the insurance policies offered by Generali, Toro, Ina Assitalia, Lloyd Italico and Augusta.   A monumental system migration was required, in which the merging of homogeneous data posed obvious difficulties in terms of compatibility and consistency. Therefore, it had to be integrated into an efficient, secure system, able to merge the details of the various original systems and to ensure a low rate of error.

Challenge Key Point

  • A focused development team, to ensure maximum consistency and results after the system integration.
  • Data quality assurance, to certify the conformity of information and prevent data losses.
  • Agile, modular design, for frequent update releases optimised by cutting-edge solutions.


End-to-end management of all system integration processes.

With a consultancy and operational model often used for software factories, Sysdata carried out the main migration phases, completing the centralised transfer of about 5 million policies. Our ability to seamlessly adapt to the effort required also meant we could manage various developmental projects for the target system, from launching development to bringing it into production, easily adapting to numerous peaks in resource demand caused by challenging deadlines.

  • Backend Development

    Financial Services Systems Technology Stack

  • Service architecture

    Software Selection, Implementation

  • System integration

    Legacy and external systems


A reliable target system with flawless performance.

The company manages over 500,000 pension plans, 1.5 million houses, 200,000 buildings and 900,000 businesses. To counteract the heterogeneity and loss of data in general, while eliminating the hurdles and issues inherent in a particularly complex migration, Sysdata proposed an extremely functional, highly-performing system.   Successfully released on production and quickly becoming an essential tool for the sales network, the single system to manage the non-vehicle claims portfolio is now used without dips in performance, by around 5,000 branches. It ensures a low rate of errors connected to bugs and improper data migration. Heading down the road of complex digital innovation was necessary for Generali Italia. But today, thanks to the collaboration with Sysdata, the company can count on a centralised, modular information system to support the needs of the sales management team and network of agents.