The quintessential insurance app for millennials.

Cliente: Cattolica
Industry: Insurance
Progetto: Mobile App

Cattolica Assicurazioni S.p.A. is part of the Cattolica Group, one of the largest companies in the Italian insurance market, with over 3.5 million clients. Based in Verona, it is the only cooperative in the insurance industry traded on the Milan stock market.


Custom services for digital natives.

The creation of the Cattolica Assicurazioni app was a strategic move to stay competitive and exploit the opportunities offered by digital technologies to provide complete independence and high-quality customer journeys across all touchpoints, with a special focus on omni-channel marketing and relationship management. Integrated with the company and its branches, the platform provides real value in the acquisition of demanding potential clients. It's imperative to reach them when and where they're in need, with custom services configured for absolute customer satisfaction.

Challenge Key Point

  • An informative, interactive app, to make sure everything is always under control.
  • Direct customer-business relationships, with the activation of intuitive features.
  • Modular design, to offer clients a series of increasingly-advanced services that evolve over time.


An agile, data-driven approach as the basis for applied decisions.

Sysdata took care of the technological development of the front and back end, creating a native app for smartphones (both iOS and Android). We opted for a dynamic, scalable digital platform oriented towards future developments, able to bring out all aspects of the customer experience. Our integrated data management approach involves aggregating information to understand user needs, tracking behaviour to customise the experience, and combining those values to boost loyalty.

  • Backend Development

    Financial Services Systems Technology Stack

  • Interface Design

    Planning, UX design, UI design

  • Mobile Development

    Native app development on iOS and Android platforms


An Insurtech revolution for smart coverage.

An efficient, complete app that's by your side when you need security. Customised: an AI motor makes it possible to create a digital profile, providing information about employment, family and personal habits. The app analyses the user’s insurance needs and directs their navigation with fast quotes, policies and tailored suggestions. Practical: all information relative to policies can be accessed, with the ability to renew through a 100% secure self-service smart payment system. When necessary, users can directly file a claim, monitoring its status with immediate access to the assistance services provided. Collaborative: thanks to an interactive chat, agents can be contacted easily, providing initial assistance and advice about quotes and documentation procedures. Proactive: the notification centre sends expiration notices and status changes in relation to paperwork, notifying users with an alert and reminder.   The Cattolica app, which became popular straight away on the iOS and Android stores, will include future updates. New, innovative products and services can certainly count on the IoT and connected devices, in a broader design path in terms of the conversational experience, which will include the use of audio chatbots and virtual assistants.