A smart office, now in an app.

Cliente: Boston Consulting Group
Industry: Management Consulting
Progetto: Web & Mobile App

Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and one of the world's leading advisors on business strategy. Founded in 1963, it has about 18,500 employees and over 90 offices in more than 50 countries.


Smart, responsive offices.

Responsive design impacts human behaviour, since well-being and creativity depend in part on feeling comfortable and at ease while interacting with one’s surroundings.   Technology can offer new ways to share tools and spaces, playing an important role in providing practical solutions in dynamic work environments. In smart, flexible offices, jobs are optimised and colleagues can choose where and when to work, giving rise to more rewarding, productive experiences.

Challenge Key Point

  • A dynamic, creative environment to rethink the very concept of what an office is.
  • Open, shared spaces, to ensure maximum availability when organising work teams.
  • Useful apps and programs, to be agile in regulating workflows and operational spaces.


User experience design and agile, functional technology.

Working on the dual level of desktop and mobile, Sysdata created an app for the iOS platform and a responsive web app. Highly-performing and flexible, the resulting web-based product includes different permissions and settings for various types of employees. Sysdata designed the user experience and interface, and also created its detailed graphics. We also took care of the development of the entire front end and back end, providing support for the integration of the infrastructure with Boston Consulting Group's systems.

  • Backend Development


  • Interface Design

    Planning, UX design, UI design

  • Mobile Development

    Native app development on iOS and Android platforms


An app to find your space and stay connected.

The new Milan headquarters of the Boston Consulting Group is a veritable responsive office that’s also extremely comfortable and versatile. Workstations, areas for meetings, conference rooms, break lounges, a restaurant and terrace are all equipped with the latest technology, creating a dynamic workplace in any situation. Functional spaces facilitate communication, cooperation and the quick transfer of information.   Sysdata developed a flexible solution for an open, shared workspace, where employees have access to the kinds of workstation that best suit their needs. That's thanks in part to the integrated systems (iOS mobile app and a web app for desktops) that make it possible for each authorised consultant to reserve a workstation and manage conference calls with colleagues through interactive devices and multi-platform display tools.