Immediate coverage, right from your smartphone.

Client: Allianz
Industry: Insurance
Project: Mobile App

Allianz S.p.A. is part of Allianz SE, the world’s leading insurance company with head offices in Munich, Germany. In Italy, it's among the top-ranked companies in the insurance and finance industries, with about 5,500 employees, 2,900 agents and over 1,900 advisers.


Custom services that are always on.

The evolution of an industry depends on its ability to innovate, especially in terms of the services provided via smartphones and other connected devices. And perhaps most of all, it depends on the ability to revolutionise the customer-business relationship Allianz Insurance aims to acquire new targets with a B2C app that looks towards the future, allowing multi-channel access while improving direct communication with the company.  Important features remain the reporting of contract expiration dates and renewals, information about policies and coverage, and the management of claims and emergencies. Other features will be added progressively, to optimise the company's multi-product range.

Challenge Key Point

  • An app that’s informative, operational, and resolves issues, so that everything is always under control, no matter what.
  • A direct customer-business relationship, with the activation of intuitive features.
  • Modular design, to offer clients a series of increasingly-advanced services that evolve over time.


A programming team dedicated to native development.

Sysdata planned the customer journey, designing every tiny detail of the user experience and interface design. In addition, we took care of the entire development of the technology behind the front and back end, creating a native smartphone app (for iOS and Android), supporting infrastructure integration with Allianz proprietary systems and offering our experience in terms of best practices. The result is a highly-performing, flexible and scalable product with an eye towards future evolutions.

  • Interface Design

    Planning, UX design, UI design

  • Mobile Development

    Native app development on iOS and Android platforms


All the coverage you need, in a smart app. Problem solved.

With AllianzNOW, the free assistance app for Allianz clients, coverage is incredibly simple. Users have all the info they want, right on hand. No need to go searching for misplaced documents, since the app already has access to all the user's policies. It can then provide immediate assistance, with the click of a button.   AllianzNOW is by your side, whenever you need assistance with vehicles, home and family, healthcare, and business. It can be used in Italy or abroad, every day, at any time: just one click and you’re immediately connected to the Allianz Operations Centre and your dedicated branch. By sharing the app's features, family members can also manage accidents and issues, so you have peace of mind.   Since it was launched, AllianzNOW has had incredible success and piqued the interest of tech magazines thanks to its policy digitisation aspects, location-tagging during accidents, real-time assistance and the direct line of communication between clients and consultants. Its most innovative functions include the efficient integration of a Smart Agent which, using AI algorithms based on an oriented graph data model, is capable of making informed, proper decisions from the user’s input.