Strengthening communication between Management and the Company.

Cliente: Allianz
Industry: Insurance
Progetto: Digital Analytics

Allianz S.p.A. is part of Allianz SE, the world’s leading insurance company with head offices in Munich, Germany. In Italy, it's among the top-ranked companies in the insurance and finance industries, with about 5,500 employees, 2,900 agents and over 1,900 advisers.


Advanced Knowledge Management.

In the reorganisation plan for the B2B Communications of Allianz, the new X-News portal is a multichannel touchpoint created with the goal of expanding information on new products and deals offered by the Group, and improving the relationship with its branches.

Sysdata was entrusted with the Full Stack Development of the App and the migration of tools for analysis on the Adobe Analytics platform. This notable technological challenge was aimed at creating a more comprehensive, in-depth customised metrics system, which guarantees detailed insights that help the client understand behaviours and improve results.

Challenge Key Point

  • Strategic consultancy and an assessment roadmap shared with the Heads of Business and IT.
  • Migration and custom configuration of the platform, enhancement of analysis capacities.
  • Monitoring of the metrics, identification of the most engaging content and interaction methods.


Adobe Analytics. A powerful, highly-performing data engine with impressive capabilities.

In addition to having developed the Responsive Web Portal and the Hybrid Application for iOS and Android, Sysdata was in charge of the migration of the data to the Adobe Analytics platform. It was implemented through the Adobe Launch Tag Manager, both for Web and Mobile App, with a subsequent customisation of the analytics tracking capacities, meeting Business requirements. Conversion evaluation measures the efficacy and engagement generated; the analytics dashboards create detailed and customised reports.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Segmentation, Measurement, Test & Review

  • Data Visualization

    Reporting, Dashboarding, KPI Analysis

  • Tag Management

    Collection, Distribution, Quality Assurance


X-News: the Allianz section dedicated to Brokers, every day.

A cutting-edge Web and Mobile App that conveys the corporate culture of the Group, designed to be an educational and informative tool for the entire Sales Network. A constantly-improving platform that can: - Inform Financial Advisors of updates regarding products, services, events and training opportunities, with daily updates that are available anywhere and anytime, even on the go. - Increase the use of multimedia content and raise awareness of sales opportunities to present to end Clients. - Provide a secure system for sharing Updates that complies with the privacy policy of the Enterprise environment. - Collect data on the degree of engagement of Brokers to better understand their interests, thanks to open-ended feedback and direct interaction with Management.

Collection and meticulous organisation of information; structured analysis of habits, behaviours and trends; activation of interactive dashboards to measure the most significant KPIs; creation of custom reports and predictive models. The numerous analytic abilities gained with Adobe Analytics fine-tune specific knowledge and support the continuous improvement of the User Experience. This data-driven technological approach is proving to be incredibly beneficial for X-News which, in the meantime, will be used in other strategic projects for the Allianz Business Unit.