To drive your digital transformation


Sysdata offers a range of advanced solutions to help your business grow, reorganising the operative and organisational procedures of the marketing, communications, sales, post-sales, HR and IT departments. Constantly evolving technology requires businesses to keep up-to-date in terms of the applications available to remain competitive and stay ahead. Only one innovative technological development model ensures you go beyond habitual implementation methods to foster true digital transformation.


The competitive advantage of customer satisfaction

Managing the customer experience requires structured software to track interactions across different channels. Customer attraction, engagement and loyalty are based on the ability to intercept user behaviour. Sysdata's platforms provide advanced solutions to collect data, adjust flows and interfaces and automate processes for improving the user experience.


Wireless communications and data. For industry 4.0.

With Internet of Things, objects become an active part of the network where they communicate with each other, accessing aggregated information. Machine to Machine technology enables the automatic transfer of data with limited or no human interaction whatsoever. The fields of application are manifold: production, logistics, infomobility, energy efficiency, environmental protection.


Omnichannel solutions. Be there when it matters.

In the automotive, banking and insurance industries, and even in retail, the hardest part of winning over new clients is providing mobile services that are available whenever and wherever the client is. Omnichannel options offer high-quality customer journeys and complete independence, across all touchpoints. And, using a mobile enterprise model, organisations are increasingly moving in this direction for B2B, not just B2C.


Speed, precision, control. When you need them.

With solid automation expertise, Sysdata configures business applications able to reduce intervention times and costs, simplify company workflows, make assistance services more practical, digitise organisational procedures, and improve efficiency and performance. Last but not least, we also propose new communication channels for the sales team and clients.