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Being at the forefront of ever-changing IT and digital environments isn’t easy. Having a collaborative approach, and thus working directly with industry leaders to adopt innovative platforms that will provide clients with high-level solutions is undoubtedly advantageous. Focusing on shared goals to be reached together always proves to be the best strategy. Which is why we can boast of fruitful, highly satisfying collaborations with each of our prestigious technological partners.

Oracle. A reference point for marketing technology and data management.

In order to increase conversions and accelerate sales, it’s necessary to establish a well-defined channel strategy and propose tailored experiences that engage the right target customers at the right time. With the industry’s best tools to manage leads and digital campaigns, Oracle Eloqua provides reports and in-depth information in real time. This marketing automation platform also offers over 700 partner integrations. The ability to govern and understand data forms the basis for marketing decisions, essential for an in-depth understanding of insights and customer journeys. Oracle BlueKai is the leading data management platform in the industry for the distribution of Big Data, with over 200 partner integrations. BlueKai makes it possible to create multimedia campaigns that truly achieve results.

Bloomreach. Personalised customer experience doesn’t get any better than this.

We tap into BloomReach’s digital experience technology to ensure a consistent, secure, customised experience for users. We provide our clients with a dedicated team of Bloomreach-certified developers. When it comes to the business of establishing relationships, customer experience is key, and choosing the right innovative digital experience platform is essential. Bloomreach’s Experience Manager is an open, smart platform that makes it possible to create, analyse and optimise experiences that are customised with the right content, across all digital channels. In the IT and marketing industries, it’s the most accessible API platform, ensuring fast turnaround times in terms of maximising deliveries and results. It aggregates data in real time, starting from marketing automation, e-commerce and CRM platforms.

ObservePoint. An optimal point of view for data analysis.

Sysdata has recently entered into an important partnership with ObservePoint, a leader in Automated Tag Testing, thereby reinforcing its analytic capabilities. An effective business strategy cannot be separated from certified tagging. Only robust tag governance can ensure full control over the process. In this regard, ObservePoint offers a unique service, thanks to a complete suite of advanced solutions that ensure efficient verifications for websites and portals, mobile apps and digital campaigns. ObservePoint’s Data Quality Assurance Platform makes fast, well-informed decisions possible, thereby improving the quality of your data. Simplified infrastructure, data security and process automation are our keywords.